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Optimum Promo

It is a website project that offers printing, promotional and digital products and design services. Customers can apply and order their designs online. There are wholesale and retail sales opportunities according to product types.

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İmalat Sanayi

It is a marketplace application that brings together manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and businesses. Only businesses with manufacturer qualifications can exhibit their products, other businesses can become a member of the system as a customer. There is a wholesale, retail and dealership system. E-commerce site with many different content types from equipment used in production such as machinery, spare parts, accessories, raw materials to the finished product.

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Favorim O

E-commerce system website with retail, wholesale and dealership structure.

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Battle (Game)

Social media and event application where the world's largest game and player struggle is held. Game and player database. Social media application where regional and global rankings and live events are held, game companies, gamers, game and computer companies, cosplays share paid or free broadcast and content.

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Battle (Music)

The musician competition that will be held worldwide. An online music listening and event project where participants can present and sell their works and collect donations.

Battle (Dance)

World's biggest dance competition and social media application. A social media application where dance training, instructors, dance schools, live events where dancers come together, paid and free publications and content are shared, donations can be collected. Course application where paid or free training is given online and offline.

Battle (Stage)

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